Web designers, and developers too, have seen so many software applications that promise to deliver practically everything you can throw at them, and most fall short of expectations. But there is one tool that's getting them all excited because of what it promises to deliver.

The name is Silverlight, one of the newest additions to the Microsoft family of products that is compatible with .NET-based interactive applications for Internet multi-media. Similarly, different browsers can be used to access the Web pages and at the same time use various plug-ins under many other platforms to further enhance the pages.

Because of the stiff competition on the Internet, a growing number of Web site owners are constantly looking for ways to make Web pages "different" from the rest. It excites them no end if their Web site can offer visitors animated graphics, high quality sound, the ability to "talk" and interact or even play with them.

Surfers have become demanding, too. They want fast uploads, dynamic pages, real-time interactivity, responsiveness, rich colors, clear graphics, fluid animations, and video clips that are of the highest quality. The name of the game is "stickiness" and developers and designers look for that one tool that will allow them to really amp up the stickiness factor for the Web sites they create.

Well the quest is nearing an end as Microsoft says Silverlight shall fulfill these fancies, with its ability to integrate common or familiar software that substantially improves efficiency and ease for the Web designers and Web developers alike, while at the same time greatly enhancing graphics and user’s interactivity.

In other words, Silverlight offers a solution that grows with the increasing demands of developers, one that is easy to use because it employs existing technologies. It boasts of a flexible programming model that supports such familiar technologies as AJAX, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, C#, Python, and Ruby. And that's not all--it easily integrates with existing web applications.

One of the qualities Silverlight boasts of is its capability to deliver excellent video and audio outputs that are speedy and inexpensive using such common browsers as Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Avant, Safari, Apple Windows IE, regardless of whether these browsers run on the Mac OS or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

One thing that sets Silverlight apart from other existing technologies is the fact that what it offers is quite unique--it doesn't have any competitors in the market. A better description for it would be an "enhancer" of other existing software like Microsoft Windows Viewer, Roxio, Flash Animation, U-Lead Video Maker, Quick Time, Win Amp Viewer and the rest of the more popular multimedia software in the market today. Silverlight basically addresses the limitations of these existing popular applications, specifically their capability to deliver interactivity, use of vector graphics, image fluidity, video and sound quality as well as ease in programming